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Boost your Immunity, Emotional and Physical Health

Join Sehatvan's

9 Day Forest Fasting Camp

Forest Fasting Camp

Join our upcoming 9 day Forest Fasting Camp to boost immunity, cleanse and rejuvenate your body.

Forest Fasting can trigger a brief reversal from ‘consumption and city’ the elements that are responsible for an accelerated deterioration of our biological systems. Just as a forest contrasts with a city, fasting opposes consumption.

Luxury Next Level

Forest Fasting at Sehatvan provides a unique luxury experience. Luxurious in the sense of arriving home with oneself, fostering a sensation of agelessness in the body and timelessness in the mind. Given its largely untouched and wild environment, combined with its community-oriented operation, Sehatvan facilitates deeper conversations and insights.

Our Philosophy

Know more about our project, the people behind Sehatvan and  approach to health.

Since 2017, we have been hosting people from all across the world at our retreat space. Check out what they have to say about this process.

Stories from Sehatvan

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"Sehatvan transformed my perspective on well-being. By blending nature's tranquility with holistic practices, it rejuvenated both my mind and body. I've never felt more connected to nature and myself. Highly recommended!"

Sarita K.

"Joining Sehatvan was a turning point for my health. The blend of natural surroundings and tailored wellness routines restored my balance. It's a haven for anyone seeking genuine healing."

Ajay G.

"Sehatvan offers a unique wellness experience. Immersed in nature, I rediscovered my inner peace and vitality. Their approach to health is unmatched, making it a must-visit for anyone prioritizing self-care."

Pallavi M.

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